At Security National Trust Co., trust is the foundation of our relationship with customers, so important that we have made it part of our name. Because you trust us with your financial and other personal information, we are committed to respect your privacy and to safeguard that information. In order to preserve that trust, we pledge to protect your privacy by adhering to the practices described below.

Collection, Retention, and Use

We limit the collection, retention, and use of information about you to that which is necessary to administer our business, provide superior service, and offer opportunities that we believe will be of interest. This includes information such as your name, address, social security number, assets and income.

Internet Privacy

Our internet site is designed to provide information about Security National Trust Co., its products and services, and to provide customers access to account information. We do not gather customer information directly or indirectly from this site.


We strive to ensure that the information concerning you is accurate in all aspects. If we become aware of inaccuracies in our records, we will take prompt steps to make appropriate corrections.

Employee Access

We allow only employees actively engaged in their assigned duties to have access to or to use your information. Security National Trust Co. employees are governed by a Code of Ethics that includes the responsibility to protect the confidentiality of each customer’s personal information.

Security Procedures

We maintain security standards and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information about you. We update and test our technology to improve the protection of our information about you and to assure the integrity of our information.

Shared Information

We share customer information with companies or individuals outside the Security National Trust Co. organization that have been hired by us to provide operations support, products and services. These companies or individuals are not permitted to use your information for anything beyond the intended service and are allowed access to your information only if they agree to treat it confidentially. We will exchange information about our customers with reputable information reporting agencies, financial institutions, and merchants, in accordance with standard banking industry practice, but only with our customers’ express permission.

Various laws and regulations require us or our contractors, under certain circumstances, to provide certain customer information to government agencies. We will only disclose customer information to the government or others when we are required to do so by such laws, regulations, or by court order. State and federal laws impose certain mandatory disclosures of customer information by financial institutions. We must comply with laws that require mandatory production or disclosure.

If you are involved in a legal proceeding, both federal and state law provide parties to the litigation the right to compel the production of records and information from banks and other third party record keepers. We will only disclose customer information to third party litigants when we are required to do so by lawful judicial process or by court order.


Opt-out provisions do not apply to our shared information. We only share information with outside companies that provide essential services such as data processing or market our products and services.

Former Customers

We will continue to adhere to the privacy policies and practices described in this notice should you cease to be a customer of Security National Trust Co.

Further Information

The law requires us to send privacy notices at least once a year. Additional information concerning our policies and procedures protecting your privacy may be obtained by calling Security National Trust Co. at 304.233.5215.

January 2018