Many times an individual is named to serve as personal representative (Executor/Executrix) in someone’s will. Estate settlement can be a complicated process for the inexperienced personal representative, and an unexpected responsibility. Some of the duties a personal representative is expected to perform include:

  • Probating the will
  • Collecting and safeguarding the estate assets
  • Valuing all probate and nonprobate assets
  • Filing appraisements with the Court
  • Collecting and disbursing income
  • Paying decedent’s debts
  • Managing the estate assets
  • Communicating with family members and estate beneficiaries
  • Preparing periodic statements of estate assets and transactions
  • Paying all bequests
  • Distributing all residuary assets
  • Maintaining all tax records
  • Preparing and filing all necessary tax returns
  • Preparing and filing all Court accountings

Unlike an inexperienced individual, we have years of experience in handling all sizes of estates and, unlike an individual, Security National Trust cannot die or become ill, so we will always be available at the time the services are needed. In addition, where an individual personal representative may have difficulty making tough decisions affecting family members, we are able, as an independent personal representative, to make the difficult decisions in an objective manner. Your estate is comprised of assets for which you spent a lifetime working. When the time comes, it deserves to be handled in the most effective, efficient manner possible for those that you want to benefit. Stop in and see one of our experienced professionals to explore how we can help.